Cesky Krumlov to Vienna

Shortly about Bean Shuttle

Bean shuttle is the convenient and efficient means of transportation for modern travellers. Twice a day, we provide shuttle bus service between our hub in the UNESCO town of Cesky Krumlov and your five favourite destinations around - Vienna, Salzburg, Prague, Hallstatt and Linz.

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Shuttle bus from Cesky Krumlov to Vienna

Price 800 CZK (35 EUR, ~42 USD) per seat
Duration 3.5 hours (to city center), 4 to 5 hours (to the airport)
Usual departure
8:00 am
9:45 am
14:00 pm
16:30 pm
Pick-up points Your hotel or any other address in Cesky Krumlov
Drop-off points City center - Westbahnhof (train station, bus station, subway, tram)
Schwechat international airport

Pick-up point in Cesky Krumlov

We will pick you up directly at your hotel in Cesky Krumlov.

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Drop-off points in Vienna

Whether you stay in the most prominent hotels and hostels in Vienna or travel on by train or airplane, we have selected the most convenient drop-off locations for you.

City center - Westbahnhof

The drop-off point in the Vienna city center is located at the most convenient place, where all means of public transportation meet at one place: Vienna Westbahnhof - subway station (U-Bahn), train station, bus and tram stops.

Vienna-Schwechat international airport

Vienna International airport (Flughafen Wien-Schwechat) is the biggest airport in Austria and one of the busiest in Central Europe, with flights departing for the whole Europe as well as other continents. We will drop you off directly in front of the Vienna-Schwechat airport hall.

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Shared shuttle bus

Is the best way of getting from Cesky Krumlov to Vienna, faster than train from Cesky Krumlov to Vienna and bus from Cesky Krumlov to Vienna and cheaper than taxi from Cesky Krumlov to Vienna.

Private and scenic transfers from Cesky Krumlov to Vienna

For the complete offer of private and scenic transfer see the offer of CK Shuttle.

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